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A bike ride is nothing ... unless it's epic

It has been quite a few years now that I have been telling myself that I am over it. Disenchanted. Disappointed. Cynical. That the spectacle of professional cycling has lost its lure for me after all that – the never ending succession of doping revelations, the discovery of the fundamental vulgarity of the sport and it's crass commercialism from it's inception, as well as the unmasking of formerly revered heroes as tricksters and cheaters.


Who makes the City?

My contribution to the Goethe Institute's Cities and Citizenship Project in New York, May 2014

In the Spring of 2007, three New York City museums joined forces to honor the work and legacy of the most ambitious master planner and builder the city had known in the 20th century. As a leader of several public agencies for more than three decades, Robert Moses changed the face of the city like no one else.


Man Named Horse

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Keeping up with the fastest messenger in town

(Image: John Trotter)

For a brief moment, I peep over the shoulders of the man they call "Horse." I feel like screaming "F ......" but instead I bite my tongue, pedal as hard as I can and give serious thought to just closing my eyes. The speedometer on my handlebars shows 25 mph, my pulse is pounding against my temples and the man in front of me, whose passport is actually issued in the name of Austin Horse, is gunning straight for a narrow gap between a cab and bus that is rapidly closing.


The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York

Gensler cooperates with SANAA to realize innovative vision of museum architecture.

(Press release for Gensler architects, December 2006)

The highly anticipated New Museum for Contemporary Art, to open on Lower Manhattan's Bowery in the Fall of 2007, relies on Gensler's New York expertise, project management as well as experience in museum design.


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